The famous Himalayan pink salt board | BBQ EXPERTS
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The famous Himalayan pink salt board

Looking for a new way to cook and serve your favorite dishes? The Himalayan pink salt board can be used to cook and grill, it can be used as a deflector and as a display plate.


There are a lot of ways to use it, as creative as the other. It has natural benefit, since it’s pure salt, with no chemicals and additives. ¬†You only need to warm up your Himalayan pink salt board at high temperature to sear meat, fish, veggies, seafood and other food that can be cooked fast. Furthermore, you can use it to serve sushi, appetizers, delicatessen and cheese, fresh fruits and veggies and even desserts when the board is cold.


The Himalayan pink salt board from the deepest part of the ancient Himalayan mountains, in Pakistan. They’ve been out of reach of pollution and impurities from the last centuries, and that’s why people consider this salt as the cleanest and purest in the world.


The salt is extracted from giant rock and then cut in blocs, slabs or brick, and some in bowl. Since The Himalayan pink salt board is natural, the temperature and high-pressure threshold can vary, like the physical characteristics and the inclusion, which gives each board a different look.


The Himalayan pink salt board will allow you to make an interesting presentation, hot or cold, for your house, restaurant, spa, and even holiday center. All our Himalayan salt product have the accreditation “Gourmet Food Grade” and offer the best quality for this type of salt.


To ease the transport of the salt board and reduce stress while manipulating it, the board support is excellent.


To keep it clean, there’s a scrapper with a brush that allows you to clean it after each use.