The art of the flame, big or small | BBQ EXPERTS
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flame, The art of the flame, big or small

The art of the flame, big or small

Some are already familiar with Arteflame grills. These works of art in corten steel crowned with a carbon steel commercial grade plancha (flat cooking surface) that won the hearts of Quebecers.

The reason is simple, these grills are real works that enhance all the landscaping, their size and their circular shape make them the most convivial grill on the market and they serve as a fireplace by thwarting municipal by-laws against outdoor fires.

Well known for its large grills, many are surprised to know that Arteflame is within reach of all hands and all budgets.

What?!?! Anyone can have an Arteflame?

To enjoy the pleasure of the plancha, you don’t need a big back yard or a complete Arteflame. You only need a good old Kettle 22.5” or 26” in diameter. All you need is to get an Arteflame plancha and put it on the kettle.

So we have prepared our top 5 pleasures plancha.

  • Breakfast on grill:

A plancha is a cooking surface. If you haven’t already watched your grill and said, “Yeah, that would make nice breakfasts! Now it’s changing. The plancha is ideal for cooking bacon, eggs, French toast, breakfast sausage and all that is good when get up in the morning. Imagine, on a Saturday morning, the weather is nice, you still have your eyes glued and you start to smell a coffee that mixes with the smell of BBQ. If this idea does not make you smile, I hope your parents kept the bill because you are broken.

  • The least effort law:

Another very interesting aspect of the plancha is that you can receive your family and friends without having to worry about making food. Prepare your meats and vegetables and let your guests take care of cooking. Strangely, you will have done almost nothing and you will be praised for the success of your meal. Notice to the least effort law lovers.

  • The joys of camping at home:

I mentioned it earlier and I repeat myself. It becomes a fireplace. The dinner is over, the aperitif is going well, there is a small embers at the bottom of the BBQ. Just put a log or two in the center, blow on the embers or blow some air with an Allumax and you have a campfire. Take out the marshmallows, the guitar and your old musical hits from la Francophonie for a magical evening.

  • More friendly than that, you die:

The plancha allows to gather around the fire. It is a much more fun version of Chinese fondue and no meat will be boiled in the process. No one will end up with chopsticks mixing in the bottom of the bowl and no one will lose food. Cutting at the same time the grass under the foot to the person who likes so much to say: “When you escape a piece in the fondue, that means you have to kiss the person sitting on your right.”

That’s funny until it happens at a family dinner and the person on your right is your grandmother!

  • The fruit of passion:

With a plancha, I rediscovered the fruits. Pineapple, oranges or grilled apples with a little bit of cinnamon and brown sugar served on vanilla ice cream, just thinking about it, I have chills. Even better, grill the fruits you put in your cocktails to elevate your mixology to another level.

If you have not yet discovered the pleasures of the plancha, I strongly suggest you put it on your summer agenda…

Have a good BBQ!

Written by Tony Bélanger