The 10 best grilling gift ideas for the BBQ lover in your life! — BBQ EXPERTS
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gift ideas, The 10 best grilling gift ideas for the BBQ lover in your life!

The 10 best grilling gift ideas for the BBQ lover in your life!

Here are 10 gift ideas that will be perfect for that barbecue fanatic, grilled meat aficionado or just anyone who enjoys spending time cooking on the grill.


For the best Christmas or birthday gift for the guy (or girl) who has everything, our team at House of BBQ Experts always have the most awesome suggestions. These cool items are sure to make any grilling enthusiast happy! Handpicked by our team, these 10 picks are all available on our online shop. We have great tools and accessories to make cooking easier and also completely new grill setup to take BBQ to the next level. All these items have been tested and loved. They are 100% House of BBQ Experts approved!


  1. For the foodie and aspiring BBQ master

Give the food lover in your life the perfect starting kit to master the grill: a KAI chef knife, the House of BBQ Experts thermometer and the flavorful BBQ Quebec Bourbon Maple sauce. Then enjoy the amazing chicken dinner that they will surely come up with, using their brand-new BBQ kit! Yum!


  1. For the tech geek that loves to grill

Know someone who loves owning the latest gadgets and always be the first in the neighborhood to use them? Offer the Weber iGrill 2 Bluetooth Thermometer and see their eyes light up! This piece of technology helps the most insecure griller to achieve perfect meats every time! Two probes are included in the box, one to control the temperature inside of the grill and the other to keep an eye on the meat temperature. Even from the living room, thanks to the iGrill cellphone app! 😊


  1. For the King of the BBQ

Take a risk and offer the perfect toolkit to the one that tried them all. The House of BBQ Experts Black Stainless Collection is the ultimate BBQ tool kit and it includes the trifecta of most used tools: the Tongs, the Basting Brush and the Spatula. The whole set looks sleek, is amazingly easy to use and makes cleaning dead simple too. Add these utensils to your BBQ lover’s toolset and he or she will be playing in the BBQ big leagues in no time!


  1. For the Grill Daddy in your life

At House of BBQ Experts, we love the Grill Daddy brush and strongly recommend it to all our customers. Why not give an outstanding BBQ brush to the best griller of the family? The Grill Daddy is the most performing brush ever made. With a water-release system, you’ll eliminate every residue on the grids using steam. And the stainless-steel bristles can be removed when needed, so you can change the head only, instead of changing the whole brush.


  1. The perfect burger kit for all your gift exchanges

Not sure what to offer this year? Want to make anyone truly happy? Give the gift of great burgers! We strongly suggest combining our three best-sellers into the most amazing BBQ kit: The House of BBQ Experts Stuffer, our Montreal spice mix and rub and our Ketchot sauce. With those three items, anyone can make the perfect stuffed burger. All you have to do is to add a pinch of two of Montreal spice mix to ¾ pounds of ground beef, stuff the burger with cheese cubes, grill it and brush it with Ketchot before putting it in a tender bun. Yum! 😊


  1. For the steak lovers

For the ideal mix of flavors with beef, pair our House of BBQ Experts Argentina spice mix and rub to the BBQ Quebec Espresso sauce. It’s heavenly and any fan of grilled steaks will surely agree!


  1. For the ribs’ fans

To get the sweet, smoky and sticky mix everyone knows and love on ribs, we recommend pairing our House of BBQ Experts Kansas spice mix and rub to our Sweet Lemon sauce. Offer this awesome combo of flavors by ordering them both together! 😊


  1. For the Christmas stocking

Looking for an original way to fill the stocking of a BBQ lover this Christmas? Stuff it with surprises from House of BBQ Experts! Pair the California spice mix and rub to the Veggies Rack and see them jump for joy when they think of all the great things they will be able to achieve during their next grilling session! It’s surely much better than chocolates and candies!


  1. To make them discover a new way to marinate

Want to surprise your favorite BBQ fan? Is he or she still marinating the meat for hours in the fridge? Offer our House of BBQ Experts Injector! This amazing tool lets you infuse great tasting liquids and marinades directly inside your pieces of meat, instead of losing precious time marinating. With the Injector you can add delicious juicy flavors to your food quickly, thanks to effortless injections. And why not pair it with a good bottle of brandy or cognac? 😉 Filet mignon will never be the same.


  1. For the one that loves to smoke

Do you have to please a charcoal fanatic that enjoys the taste of smoky foods? Well, at House of BBQ Experts, we have the perfect combo for you! Pair the Charcoal Rake from our Black Stainless Collection to a bag of our Maple Wood Chunks. This kit is sure to make anyone that loves charcoal grilling and smoking truly happy! Let them smoke away!