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We love and distribute them

House of BBQ Experts is a line of products

created by BBQ Experts for BBQ Experts.

Quality, Design, Comfort and Usefulness

are priorities when creating our products.

Grill Daddy

Grill Daddy is the most performing brush ever made. This is the only BBQ brush you’ll ever purchase.


They offer 3 different brushes : the Grill daddy regular, The Grill Daddy pro and the Grill Daddy platinum. With a water-release system, you’ll eliminate every residue on the grids. Made of stainless steel bristles, the bristles can be removed when needed, instead of changing the whole brush.


The Grill Daddy brushes have proved to be key of success when cleaning your barbecue grills.

Steven Raichlen

Steven Raichlen is world-famous when talking BBQ.  He reinvented the modern barbecue with his line of rubs, accessories and books.


The whole line of products is offered at a very good price point, for beginners to experimented BBQ cooks.


Most unique and versatile.


Arteflame offers different series of cooking tables that proudly represent and are focused on the outdoor cooking lifestyle.  American grillmakers that manufacture table pits that can also be used as barbecues.  Designed with art, Arteflame also offers cooktops and griddles for kettle barbecues.


Sunterra outdoor was created by BBQ Pit Boys.


They offer a variety of wood smokers and Argentinian grills, all handcrafted by metal artisans.  True satisfaction for low and slow cooking lovers.


US designed product for ribs lovers.


The ribalizer is a grilling rack for gas barbecues.  Cook the best ribs on a gas barbecue in no time at all!  Can also be used for chickens or pork shoulders.

House of BBQ Experts

Grilling accessories, tools and supplies.


This Canadian company offers everything you need for your cookouts.  It offers a wide variety of products : from rubs and sauces to tools and utensils.


House of BBQ Experts is proud to offers rubs and sauces that are made in Canada using original recipes, made especially to use on the barbecue !

House of BBQ Experts : promoting a lifestyle, one barbecue at a time.