Raclette on the Himalayan salt block | BBQ EXPERTS
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Himalayan salt, Raclette on the Himalayan salt block

Raclette on the Himalayan salt block

January is a very cold month and we need more energy during this time of year due to the lack of sun and vitamin D. However we can find that missing energy in good meals and hopefully I’m here to tell you how.


Invite your friends and welcome back the sun with a good raclette. To make it different, do it on a block of Himalayan salt. You’ll see, it’s delightful!


Indeed, Himalayan salt allows a perfect cooking and gives, in addition, a salty taste more interesting than table salt does to your usual meals.


To do this, it’s very simple. First, place the salt block in the BBQ or the oven to an average temperature for 45 minutes to 1 hour. The block will perfectly redistribute the heat which will allow you to cook your food on its whole surface.


Of course, the block will be extremely hot (Himalayan salt melts at 1473.4 ° F, so it is important not to deposit salt on a surface that may be damaged by heat.)


I personally recommend the salt plate rack that you can purchase from our website at the following address or at one of our branches.


You can put it on a slate or a steel plate to avoid any problem.


Then start the fun!


Let your imagination go with the food you will cook!


Beef slices (sirloin, filet mignon, rib eye), mushrooms, onions, sliced ​​pork fillet, bacon, broccoli, salmon and shrimp may be used. The possibilities with the salt board are unimaginable!


Fruits can also be very interesting on the board; apples or pineapple for example. The smoked meat may be too salty. The cheese itself could be used but it will be harder to clean the block after cooking.


Do not hesitate to add fresh or dry herbs to your grill. Pepper can also be added as a seasoning but we recommend you do not use marinade (often already very salty) or even add salt afterwards because the taste of Himalayan salt is very pronounced.


Himalayan salt is considered one of the best salts available on the market for our health because of its high number of minerals and its lower sodium content compared to other salts.


Finally, after eating well, let your salt board rest for a few hours and rinse gently with water by brushing with a firm brush and scraping with the back of an old knife.