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Winter BBQ party, The Perfect Winter BBQ Party

The Perfect Winter BBQ Party

Are you tired of snow and looking forward to summer? Why wait for summertime to use your grill, when you can plan an awesome cookout with friends even in March? Here is how to plan the perfect winter BBQ party !


Advice on how to proceed is right here:


  • Prepare the set up.  First, clean up the snow on and around your BBQ.  If you’re lucky enough to be in Vancouver where it only rains, please disregard this first step. 🙂


  • Put warm clothes on! Warn your friends in advance, so they can dress comfortably to enjoy a full day outside while you’re grilling. Have extra scarves and hats on hand, in case someone forgets them.


  • Create an atmosphere. In order to create good vibes on that day, light up some candles or install your Christmas lights on your balcony for the occasion. Put your favorite music on. And why not arrange a space for a dance floor ? Take out your grandma’s fur coats from storage and put them on lawn chairs. You got a patio heater ? Use it !


  • Hot drinks for happy hour! Make your friends forget about the cold weather by offering them a hot drink instead of an iced cocktail. Go for hot apple cider, warm sake or maybe a shot of Baileys in a cup of coffee ? You can even serve it with a grilled marshmallow ! 😉


  • Hot side dish to complete your perfect meal. Choose a side dish that you can also cook on the grill, so that everyone can stay outside and enjoy the perfect winter BBQ meal.


Have fun and enjoy a very unique winter BBQ party !

Written by Sam Bouchard

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