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Kamados are charcoal BBQ made of Japanese ceramic. This process has roots in the Japanese culture for over 3000 years. The word Kamado means “cooker” or “oven” in Japanese. At this moment, it’s THE best smoker on the market.


Thanks to its tightness, it’s possible to control the air flow and to smoke your food during few hours, without adding charcoal. Some models can keep their temperature for up to 36 hours thanks to their thick ceramic tank that can keep and diffuse heat for a long time. This little wonder doesn’t stop there, it can cold smoke, which will give you superb smoke flavor in your cheese, fish, spice, house bacon, and nuts. If you’re more about grilling steaks, Kamado works just fine too.


The charcoal’s advantage is that the more you put in, the hotter it gets, as easy as that. If you want to sear your meat or grill veggies, you only have to add charcoal and oxygen to get temperature around 2000 degrees in a moment. My little trick, remove the grill and toss the steak straight into the fire! Nothing better than a perfectly smoked and grilled meat. If you’re like me, a desert enthusiast, the Kamado will fill your life with happiness with smoked pecan pies, chocolate chips cookie, and smoked brownies.


Finally, no matter what you like, or would like to cook t home, it will be a success in a Kamado.


Maybe you didn’t know, but your dream is not owning a Ferrari or living in Caribean, it’s to own a Kamado at home.


To see the different types of Kamado available, visit our online shop or come see us in one of our stores.