How to Organize a Winter Barbecue | BBQ EXPERTS
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Winter Barbecue, How to Organize a Winter Barbecue

How to Organize a Winter Barbecue

You can not watch the snow fall and look forward to the summer? Why not go ahead a few weeks by inviting friends to come and have a winter barbecue?

If you prepare yourself for this outdoor picnic, it may create a very pleasant moment. You will repeat the experience and will enjoy dishes on the barbecue, even during winter! Follow these tips and your guests will want to come back again and again.


1- Prepare the location


The first thing to do is to clear the barbecue and the table, the chairs or the benches to leave no wet place, which could cause falls.


2- Dress warmly


Warn your guests to dress warmly if you do not want to see them hiding indoors while you cook your food. Plan extra scarves, tuques and gloves in case your guests have forgotten them.


3- Create an atmosphere


In order to encourage your guests to stay outside, it is important to create a warm and friendly atmosphere. To do this, you can install lanterns or outdoor lights. Putting music is always a great way to set a mood.

If you have some, you can put sheep skins on chairs or benches or take out blankets. You can also use a patio heater to make sure you do not get cold. You can also cut the wind by installing a canvas to protect your guests.


4- Hot drinks to warm up


To make your friends forget the cold, you can serve hot drinks as an aperitif such as hot cider, mulled wine, hot apple juice, hot milk or hot chocolate for those with a sweet tooth. And why not heat marshmallows directly on the barbecue?

After the aperitif, serve a soup for a starter, it will warm guests’ hearts!


5- Hot side dishes


Opt for hot side dishes such as grilled vegetables or potato gratin instead of salad and bread, all on the barbecue!

Click on the link for 10 tips for a winter barbecue.


Written by Thierry Bastien