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House of BBQ Experts is a dynamic young and visionary team with a common passion; the grill.

House of BBQ Experts is a company founded by Max and JP Lavoie, two young visionaries from the Quebec region (Quebec, Canada).


For years now, they’ve been dedicated to perfecting their techniques and working with different BBQs. It was from their father, having passed on to them the breadth of his knowledge and the secrets of impeccable cooking, that the two brothers first gained this interest in the grill.


True “gourmets”, Max and JP have decided to rely more on barbecue, techniques, accessories and products available to promote the barbecue culture. In 2012, they created a new entity: BBQ Quebec.

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They inaugurate the first store in Ste-Foy (Quebec area) in 2014 and offer, since then, a personalized service to barbecue fans just like them; beginners or professionals. BBQ Quebec, now has 4 official stores, all located in the province of Quebec. The popularity and originality of the concept touches many. Very quickly, the store and the brand make themselves known and it is a real success. Their plan? Promoting a lifestyle, one barbecue at a time.


From there, with full of ideas, Max and JP decided to extend their offer to the rest of the country so that every Canadian can enjoy high-end quality products at a very reasonable price. Flavors of Canada, also available in United States through the line; House of BBQ Experts.


It’s not only about BBQ. It’s a state of mind !


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House of BBQ Experts offers a diverse range of products and an outstanding service by a strong and knowledgeable team and grill enthusiasts. For few years now, we’ve been positioned as being THE REFERENCE in the world of BBQ in the Province of Québec.


Unlike our competitors, we create, sell and distribute our own sauces, rubs, coals, wood chips and chunks and grill accessories. We also sell a wide selection of the biggest barbecue brands. We offer a personalized service so that all our customers are satisfied! On this website, you’ll find brands we love and proudly believe in, for the best cookouts.


In addition, we have great visibility on the provincial and international event scene, at festivals and / or during barbecue competitions.


House of BBQ Experts is a dynamic young and visionary team with a common passion; the grill.

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Changing the world one barbecue at a time.

There is always something new to learn about BBQ, see what our Experts have to say.