Winter grilling is easy | BBQ EXPERTS
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grilling, Winter grilling is easy

Winter grilling is easy

As we have already said many times, but you may not have heard us, grilling is possible year-round. Stop making excuses! Cause we know that, deep down inside, you know you want to grill even during winter. Everything is better on the BBQ! So when your friends and family come over for Christmas, it will be the perfect time to show your guests the fire that burns inside of you ! 🔥

From the whole turkey, to the meat pie or even hotdogs rolled in bacon, everything can be cooked on the grill.

The secret to getting there is indirect cooking.

On a gas grill, light up the side burners and put the meat in the center of the grill. Since there is no fire directly below the meat, it will cook instead of grilling, as if it was baked inside an oven… but it tastes so much better ! In addition, if you need to grill vegetables to serve as a side dish, you can place them on each side, where the burners are on.

To get the best results, cook with charcoal and wood. You can add wood chips to smoke on your gas grill, but it will never be the equivalent of a smoker. Smokers provide equal heat, are easy to control even in winter and give a wonderful smokey flavor to your dishes. Indirect cooking can be achieved in a charcoal BBQ by placing your charcoal on one side of the kettle. You can also separate each sides with aluminum foil, for better heat separation.

If you would rather cook inside, light up your fireplace and put your food on a stainless steel plate on top placed of the hot coals. Simple and effective, but do not forget to keep an eye on things, because it gets really hot !

In short, it’s not much harder to cook on the BBQ during the winter season and it’s really worth it, just find your inspiration and the courage to brave the cold !

Written by Jean-Philippe Lavoie