A dynamic and visionary team with a common passion | BBQ Expert
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Talents, professionalism and dedication


Quebec BBQ classes teacher


Executive Director of House of BBQ Experts.


co-Founder of House of BBQ Experts and BBQ Guru.


co-Founder of House of BBQ Experts and BBQ Master.

Want to know everything about BBQ, recipes, best practices, … ?

Julie –  our Quebec BBQ classes teacher.

Girly girl who’s passionate about bbq.  From meat to desert.

Julie rocks our Bar-B-Q classroom in Quebec for almost a year now.  She’d already given dozens of BBQ classes.  She first started doing BBQ as a hobby, on the weekends for her lovely family of 4.  She became JP’s assistant and she truly discovered a passion while doing BBQ.  She’s now part of our team, and give BBQ classes every week.  From events to BBQ classes, Julie is a true inspiration and model for woman in our team.  You’d be surprised on what she does on the grill.  Nothing can stop her. From desert to smoked ice cream, everything she’ll be serving you for breakfast, lunch or dinner will be on the grill.

Ariane, Executive Director of House of BBQ Experts.

Ariane is the proud mother and step-mother of 2, an inspirational entrepreneur and leader of our team at House of BBQ Experts/BBQ Quebec. From a first business meeting at 7 am, to her last phone call meeting at 8pm, she takes care of her family, plans the launching of a website, forecast a budget for our new line of accessories, and sometimes eat. Her favorite BBQ? A pellets smoker. The perfect BBQ if you wish to do plenty of other stuff while your meat is cooking. She is a food enthusiast and love to travel the world, always looking for new bbq opportunities.

Max, co-founder of House of BBQ Experts and BBQ Guru.

Max is a Jedi of barbecuing. Don’t challenge him on anything, because he’ll do it and he’ll do it on the grill. He wanted to prove to his mentor and friend; Steven Raichlen that even sushi could be barbecued, and surprisingly, his sushi-beef-melon recipe has nothing to envy to regular sushi. Always aware of the newest technologies, he develops with JP, a line of accessories, available for everyone. Being a born entrepreneur, he leads a team of passionate fans and he’s known as the BBQ expert in the Province of Quebec.

JP, co-founder of House of BBQ Experts and BBQ Master.

JP joined his older brother Max to open the very first store who was 100% dedicated to BBQ in 2014. From a concept they jointly developed in 2012, in their parent’s hardware store, they now owe and promote the BBQ lifestyle in the Province of Quebec. JP is very creative and a real foodie. He’ll twist the typical poke into a poke BBQ with tofu, rice and tuna; entirely cooked on the grill. Loving good food and good products, from his recipes, the line of House of BBQ Experts rubs and sauces now count a dozen products. He has also developed the concept of BBQ classes and has now given classes to more than 15 000 students in our different locations.